Due to the large number of inquiries, and the fact that volunteers also hold full time jobs and have other responsibilities, we only communicate via email until an application has been approved. Any questions that are not answered on our website can be answered by email. Please be as specific as possible when sending an inquiry.


Contact Us

Email: info@ruffliferescue.com
Fax # (803) 620-8027

‚ÄčSurrendering a dog...

If you are looking to surrender a dog to Ruff Life Animal Rescue...

Please fill out our owner surrender form here.  

If you are looking to surrender a stray dog...

We, along with any other rescue organization or person besides animal control, most likely cannot legally take ownership or possession of the dog until he/she has completed a legal stray hold at the animal control facility in the county in which the dog was found in. Please contact animal control and report the dog as found to ensure legal protocols are followed before giving the dog away to anyone at anytime and do not allow the dog to go into another county or person until these protocols have been completed.  

Union County, NC, Lancaster County, SC and Mecklenburg County, NC REQUIRE all found animals to complete a legal stray hold in their county facility before being adopted out or given to a rescue for rehoming.  We will be updating this page with area animal controls and their stray dog laws for your help as soon as possible.