How long will I be expected to foster a dog? Animals can stay in foster care for as little as 2 weeks (our required quarantine period) to a few months, depending on the needs of the animal in your care and the time commitment you are interested in making.  We prefer a commitment to fostering until adoption and cannot guarantee we can accept a short term foster.

I already own a pet. Can I still foster?

Before you bring a foster dog home, please consult with your veterinarian to make sure your own pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Who pays for medical bills if they arise?
Ruff Life Animal Rescue pays for vetting that we pre-authorize.  The foster parent should contact Ruff Life Animal Rescue if any medical treatment is needed for the dog.  This should be done prior to performing the treatment.   We will only pay for those treatments authorized by us.

Why are foster homes needed? As a foster home based organization, we can only rescue as many animals as we have foster homes for. Animal shelters all over the country euthanize dozens of healthy and friendly animals each day to make space for the new ones arriving. Foster homes maximize the number of animals rescued, and help to care for animals that animal control facilities are not allowed to house (ie. puppies too young, orphaned/feral puppies, animals recovering from major surgery, etc.) 

What are the requirements for becoming a foster home?
Ruff Life Animal Rescue is always looking for more foster homes. The only general requirements are that you keep the animals indoors, love animals and have the time and resources to provide a foster animal with adequate care. 

Other requirements will vary depending upon the specific needs of a given foster animal. Some animals, for example, will need fenced yards, extra time commitments (as is the case with orphaned newborns), isolation from personal pets, etc.  All personal animals must be spayed/neutered if 6 months or older and current on all vaccines.  As a foster home based organization, we do not have a facility, therefore, we use adoption events to showcase our animals.  We have at least 3 adoption events a month, and ask that you attend or help coordinate transport for your foster to attend.


What is Foster Care?

Foster Care means taking an animal into your home on a temporary basis to provide care and shelter. This animal is then given the opportunity to adjust to a home environment, given additional time to find a permanent home and more room is available at the shelter for another animal in need.   Foster homes are asked to provide foster animals with plenty of love, adequate food and water, shelter from the elements, and exercise. Administering medication may also be necessary. In addition to providing the basics, foster homes may also be asked to transport foster animals to veterinary appointments and adoption events and participate in basic obedience training.   When fostering a dog, the pet foster parent may teach him basic house manners.